Apple to help manage health records, & more

By Kanwal Sood | Artificial Intelligence

Jul 13

In this week’s platter we meet the world’s first AI psychopath; we look at the promise of the Apple iPhone Health App; we consider results that show that value-based care is bending the cost curve; and finally, we look at the internet of cosmetics and beauty in the bathroom of the future. Enjoy

Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI

It is often said that when it comes to machines, it is “garbage in, garbage out”. Researchers at MIT have developed the world’s first AI psychopath as an experiment on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence gone wrong when biased data is used in machine learning algorithms. The experiment proves that AI trained on bad data can itself turn bad. As AI continues to feature more and more in decision making – clinical and otherwise – it is imperative to ensure that cognitive, social and other biases are eliminated and not perpetuated in the data that we feed it.

Managing Your Health Records Should Be As Easy As Managing Your Money – and Apple wants to make it happen

The essence of the article is summarized in this quotation: “If you think about it, we as a society would never sit down and accept a situation where our banking information was possessed by others [and] could be tapped by us only intermittently and with great effort … And yet somehow we’ve lived with the fact that health records and health information were possessed really in a paternalistic way.” It could not have been said better…

Value-based care is bending the cost curve

Change Healthcare commissioned a national research study with ORC International to investigate the maturity of payers’ active value-based care programs. On average, payers reported an impressive 5.6% medical cost savings from their value-based care strategies. The data is in. Successful value-based care initiatives are driving real change across the nation. It’s time to get on board.
Download the executive summary or the complete research report here.

The bathroom of the future

Smart mirrors might advise the clueless what to wear in the morning, skin scanners might find the most effective beauty products, toilets might eliminate urine tests, and bioprinting might help cosmetics companies discontinue animal testing. Technology will significantly re-shape our sanctuaries for hygiene, and to see how it will happen, we looked at the latest trends. Here’s an overview of what the bathroom of the future will look like

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