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May 28

9 weird predictions about the future of healthcare & more

By Kanwal Sood | Artificial Intelligence , Big Data in Healthcare , Blockchain , Disruptive Innovation , Machine learning , Spine Cloud Platter , Sub Category 1.3 , Value-Based Healthcare

In this week’s platter, we look at an AI-enabled digital platform which uses patient reported outcomes data to support patients through the recovery process; we consider the factors which indicate that Amazon may indeed dominate the healthcare sector; we consider the aspects which need to be developed before the mass adoption of blockchain in healthcare; we look at how Hurricane Harvey could be seen as a blessing in disguise for a Houston hospital; and, finally, we look take a peek at how healthcare may look like 100 years from now. Enjoy!

A Finnish startup founded by uni students has raised €4 million to revolutionise treatment

Already deployed in over 30 hospitals across across 5 countries in Europe, this digital platform ultimately seeks to reshape the whole healthcare system from being doctor-centred to patient-centred, and from transaction-based to value-based. This is achieved by combining patient-reported outcomes data and AI-assisted patient monitoring software to automate follow-up and support patients through treatment and recovery. Its algorithms screen for symptoms, alert care teams and trigger personalised instructions for patients. Future developments could even help to detect and treat additional health problems early on.

Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Might Just Dominate Another Trillion-Dollar Industry

Amazon this year announced a partnership with JP Morgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway to cut healthcare costs, characterizing the initiative as a Herculean effort that would require “talented experts, a beginner’s mind, and a long-term orientation.” Approaching things with a “beginner’s mind and long-term orientation” is how technology leaders create companies of sustainable value. So, how do company founders learn to lead like Bezos?

Blockchain in Health Care – from evolution to revolution

Health care is complex and data intensive. The industry has lots of players. Health care transactions are slow, cumbersome, and expensive. Constraints on access to critical data sets limit progress in research. Data privacy is a big deal. Data security can be a life-or-death matter. So what now…? Blockchain technology can address all of these.
Inasmuch as blockchain technology has major disruption potential, it will not disrupt health care overnight—or even over the next few years. This article presents the technology aspects that need to be developed before blockchain reaches tipping point in adoption and impact.

How Hurricane Harvey spurred a Houston hospital to rethink emergency care

An often-referenced adage states: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” This article details some the major interventions by the emergency department of a Houston hospital which permitted a sustained 7.5% surge in volume without increasing cost. Definitely worth close examination and replication.


9 weird predictions about the future of healthcare

This article shares the weirdest ideas about how healthcare might look a hundred years from now. Or even further down the road. Let’s peek into a dystopic future of healthcare.