Spine & Health Info platter (14 May ’18)

By Kanwal Sood | Artificial Intelligence

May 21

In this week’s platter, we explore the convergence of 3D printing and wearables; we take a critical look at how healthcare can prepare for artificial intelligence and machine learning; we look at how to spot disruption in healthcare delivery; and, finally, we consider the implications of blockchain in healthcare and pharma. Enjoy.

Flexible and Wearable Electronics by Hybrid 3D Printing

Researchers from Harvard and the Air Force Research Laboratory have collaborated and developed a new hybrid 3D printing technique that overcomes a key limitation of current active trackers – rigidness. The new technique combines stretchable conductive inks and electronic components into flexible, durable wearable devices that move with the body and offer increased programmability. This technology is a dream come true for any professionals interested in study of human movement and muscle function. Enjoy the video.

How Healthcare Can Prepare for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

The healthcare industry represents a particularly significant opportunity for machine learning to prove its value. The sheer volume of available medical knowledge has long since outstripped even the most intelligent clinician, requiring supercomputers just to keep up with the latest best practices and big data breakthroughs in genomics, predictive analytics, population health management, and clinical decision support.
How are these tools already helping providers to produce better outcomes for patients, how will they evolve in the near future, and what steps should the industry take to integrate AI into the care process without fearing a disastrous big data backlash?

Catching disruption in the act: 3 problems innovation will solve in healthcare delivery

Today, the term Disruptive Innovation is widely used across industries, including healthcare, in which complex, fragmented and costly services fuel the quest for better alternatives. But how does one actually spot this? This article provides tips on how to spot disruption in healthcare delivery

What The Hell Is Blockchain And What Does It Mean For Healthcare And Pharma?

Blockchain already earned the buzzword of the year award, so it is high time to address the elephant in the room. Is it really there? If it is, will it really change everything? How will it impact healthcare?

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