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Your tools for success

Spine Pathway

workshops and tools

Online workshop training on all aspects of high-quality conservative spine care. Download the tools that will make your work easier and more effective.

Monthly group coaching

with experts

Attend a new LIVE webinar + group coaching every month with experts from around the world in all aspects of spine care, from clinical to administrative.


online community

Participate with spine care providers from around the world in an online community, sharing best practices, tools and resources to improve patient care and learn of opportunities to practice primary spine care.

Collaborative Case Review program

Participate in a monthly virtual webinar intended to improve clinical decision-making by facilitating in-depth discussions on complex patient cases. Includes: presentation & moderated discussion. Same time & day each month.

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Trusted by leaders in healthcare

Martin Lustick, MD

SVP - Corporate Medical Director 

"..consistently seeing significant episode savings"

“After multiple in-house efforts to control ever escalating spine costs, [our plan] engaged Spine Care Partners, LLC to implement their spine care pathway and platform in upstate NY. We have piloted this program in Patient Centered Medical Homes and our own version of Accountable Care Organizations across several communities. We are consistently seeing significant episode savings for back and neck conditions with excellent patient and provider satisfaction. The spine program was relatively easy to implement...”

Robert Cole, MD

Medical Director, Lifetime Health

"..improved access to care... quality ...and markedly improved the patient care experience."

“The spine program has improved access to care, enhanced the quality of evaluation and treatment, and markedly improved the patient care experience. At the same time, its presence is reducing costs associated with high-priced specialty care and imaging while improving outcomes. It has made my work of caring for those with neck and back pain much simpler and more satisfying.”

Mariah Stump


this should be a required CME for all primary care providers"

“The training presented by the [Spine Care Partners] was absolutely outstanding! As primary care providers are on the front lines, our knowledge can influence downstream chronicity of pain and decrease unnecessary costs, and it is up to us to rise to the occasion of this chronic pain crisis we face. This CME helps bridge the gap and helps prepare primary care providers for our current pain management crisis by equipping us with the tools and strategies to make an integrative management plan which encourages self-care at the outset.”

Trusted by leaders in healthcare

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About Primary Spine Provider Network

The Primary Spine Provider Network (PSPN) provides the tools, the resources, and the training to support the delivery of high value early contact spine care that meets the quadruple aim: better care, better outcomes, better costs, with high provider satisfaction.

The PSPN solution brings value to providers by enabling them to build on their foundational skills to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their spine care in support of better outcome for their patients and lowering overall episode costs.

Following the best practices spine pathway training and tools that PSPN provides, clinicians consequently deliver higher value conservative spine care to patients, payers, other clinicians and employers.

The Primary Spine Provider Network is brought to you by Spine Care Partners, LLC.