LIVE webinar: Wednesday Lunch & Learn

Can You Be a Manual Therapist and Not Use Your Hands?

During the webinar, we will explore:

🔹 Explore the concept of manual therapy without hands: Dive into the intriguing question of whether it's possible to be a manual therapist without using your hands.

🔹 Self-management in back pain care: Learn about the importance of self-management in dealing with persistent back pain, based on Jan's groundbreaking article "Self Management at the core of back pain: 10 points for clinicians".

🔹 Engage in a live Q&A session: Have your questions answered by Dr. Jan Hartvigsen himself.

Join us for an engaging webinar with our expert speaker Dr. Jan Hartvigsen, DC, PhD, one of the most well-known DC researchers in the world. He will share his wealth of knowledge and experience to help you elevate your practice.

Jan Hartvigsen, Full Professor and Head of the Research Unit for Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark, is a renowned researcher in the field of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly spine pain and disability. He also serves as a Senior Researcher at the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics, Co-Director of the Graduate School of Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Health, and co-founder of the Danish Center for Muscle and Joint Health. His research focuses on the intersection of back and neck pain with general poor health, and the use of patient education and physical activity to modify lifecourse trajectories. Hartvigsen has contributed significantly to national and international health guidelines and has published over 140 papers in international scientific journals. His research interests include spinal pain epidemiology, musculoskeletal health, and lifecourse trajectories of health, especially in children, adolescents, and the elderly.

Presented by

Dr. Jan Hartvigsen, DC, PhD

June 14, 2023
12:30pm Eastern Time

Wednesday lunch & learn - 45mins

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