LIVE webinar: Wednesday Lunch & Learn

Building a Thriving MSK Practice: Reimbursement and Provider Relationships Insights

During the webinar, we will explore:

  1. Boosting your bottom line: Craig Johnson will reveal practical strategies to unlock higher reimbursement for PTs, ensuring your hard work and expertise are fairly rewarded.
  2. Forging powerful connections: Discover how Craig Johnson's leadership at Therapeutic Partners Inc helped build strong relationships with PCPs and other providers, and learn how you can replicate that success in your own practice.
  3. Insider stories from Therapeutic Partners: Get inspired by the growth and impact of Therapeutic Partners, and uncover their secret sauce for empowering independent PT practices to thrive in today's healthcare landscape.
  4. Navigating the PT profession's rollercoaster: Explore the highs and lows of the PT world, and hear Craig Johnson's bold vision for the profession's future in primary spine care.
  5. Revolutionizing spine care: Uncover innovative strategies to promote non-invasive spine care and value-based models that can transform the PT profession and benefit patients.
  6. Bridging the PT-chiropractor divide: Delve into the history of competition between PTs and chiropractors, and learn how to foster collaboration for the benefit of patients and healthcare as a whole.

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Craig Johnson, PT, MBA is currently a member of the BOD of the American Physical Therapy Association and has served in many leadership roles in APTA and the Private Practice section. He has over 40 years in clinical care, practice ownership, and management in independent therapy practices. He has previously served as COO of Therapy Partners (TPI). TPI provides support services to twenty-eight member practices with fifty-five locations in their network in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Therapy Partners is a unique Member Services Organization (MSO) in the physical therapy industry, which contracts with third party payers. TPI was one of the first organizations to establish a value-based payment contract and delivery model in 2009 with a local state-based payer. Craig has led other provider groups in payer pilots in many regions of the country using patient outcomes and care management to demonstrate the value therapy services. As part of such pilots, he has analyzed claims data of payers, including work comp, parsing the data into discrete episodes measuring upstream, downstream, and direct therapy costs, and identifying cost drivers, as well as identifying the effective providers. Craig is a frequent speaker at APTA conferences on innovative models of care delivery.

Presented by

Craig Johnson, PT, MBA

May 10, 2023
12:30pm Eastern Time

Wednesday lunch & learn - 45mins

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